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Cawamo Technology as a Virtual Guard

How Cawamo has helped its client to reduce security operational costs by replacing security personnel at multiple entrances of the facility and used our technology instead.

Using artificial intelligence (AI) to add value to the business is complicated and demands that organizations make sure they understand how it can help and the best place to deploy it. Enterprises that use AI's ability to mine data quickly and efficiently to uncover underlying truths that humans would take much longer to discover. This, in turn, will increase efficiency when reaching customers, deploying staff and making budgetary decisions (Gartner, 2019).

Client: An elderly care facility with multiple entrances

Location: Israel

Industry: Enterprise

Past: The facility has five entrances, all of which were secured by 5 security personnel

Issue: High cost of employing personnel

Aim: The security manager of the facility has tried to implement a solution in the past to reduce the cost of employing security guards and improve efficiency of the operations overall They, however, trying to use an analytics solution have faced issues with that solution and were forced to go back to the original security arrangement to avoid risks.

The price of employing one security guard personnel in Israel is about 10,000 USD a month for a continuous 24/7 surveillance of a point/entrance. The total cost for the client was 50,000 USD per month. While the client realized in the past that there is technology that can reduce the cost, they were faced with another issue while employing a solution – the number of false alerts received. This caused due to the fact that the solution was not able to fulfill the challenge as the required identification is for a specific category (i.e. “Person”) in an environment which has a lot of other activities (moving cars, shadows, gates opening and closing, etc.).

Many solutions are built to react to any movement in the space. This results in a large volume of false alerts on a daily basis. When the number of personnel is reduced, there was not enough manpower to monitor all of the alerts for accuracy. The client was faced with false alarms which one security guard was not able to handle.

The client went back to the original arrangement of employing security personnel, while researching for a more suitable AI based solution.

The client has implemented a 3 month trial of the Cawamo product initially, during which the reliability of product was proven the best solution for the challenge of false alerts. After the trial, the security personnel was reduced to one single guard and the security level was significantly improved. Cawamo system has not failed detecting any true alert during the trial and provided accurate alerts 24/7. With the Cawamo solution in all entrances while only one human security personnel is now securing the whole facility. By reducing the number of personnel to 1 and using the Cawamo solution in addition to standard security cameras, the client achieved a reduction in cost by almost 40,000 USD per month.

Our solution in a nutshell

For this client we enhanced a traditional digital camera with an Artificial Intelligence accelerator. Connected directly to the existing cameras, Cawamo Edge device working in sync with our cloud supplied an end to end high accuracy alerts directly to the guard cellular handset.


Over the 3 months period Cawamo’s solution had successfully helped the client to reduce the security personnel by 80%. Also, compared to previous analytics solution, Cawamo solution has proven to be much more reliable in all areas of the operation. The number of false alerts was reduced by over 97%.


● No need to replace existing security cameras – Cawamo can connect to any digital surveillance equipment.

● Camera does not require stable, high bandwidth connectivity as it only sends relevant information to the Cloud

● Ease of use : Cawamo solution offers an easy simple one man operation using any cellular phone while making sure of accuracy regarding the received alerts.

We take security seriously. Our products are built to save you valuable time. Don’t get left behind! Find out more at

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